Forming a Sub-Booster Team

How to Form a Sub-Booster Team

Having the ability to utilize the APB Tax ID is a big advantage. It allows your booster activity to operate under our 501(c)(3) non-profit status for financial reasons, and affords some protection under the APB Insurance Policy.

Forming a Sub-Booster for your activity is simple and there are just a few standards to follow. If you have any questions about how a Sub-Booster functions, feel free to ask us, or come visit during a board meeting.

Each Sub-Booster should operate as follows:

Elect a Sub-Booster Chairperson

Elect a Sub-Booster Financial Officer

Optionally elect a Vice-Chairperson

The members of the Sub-Boosters must all be current members of Antelope Parent Boosters (APB) – including those who are participating in the voting.

Fundraising, business sponsors, and advertising is coordinated via the APB. This is mostly to ensure that specific activities do not compete with each other (there is only so much cookie dough folks are willing to buy at a time), and that local businesses are not constantly pestered. All Sub Booster Forms are under the Sub Booster password protected link.