2020 Sober Grad Night!!

 Disneyland Sober Grad Night Class of 2020!!

Click Below for all forms and Waiver. All forms must be turned in by Feb 1st. You may drop them off in the APB box in the front office. 

Payment form

Disney Waiver

Disney Timeline

Total trip $395

Oct-Nov $75.00 Deposit

Jan 1st- $100.00

Feb 1st-$100

March 1st- $120.00

Final Payment Due: March 1, 2020

Contact for Grad Trip is: antelopeboostersgn@gmail.com

1. Q) are students allowed to bring medicine? A) Yes only prescription, no over the counter medicine
2. Q) can chaperones be allowed to give aspirin etc? A) No. there is a nurse station the kids can go to in California Adventure.
3. Q) can they bring food or water bottles into Disney? A) the answer is no we go through a separate entrance where the bags are checked. We do not go through the main entrance. Disney will throw out all food even gum and mints. They can however brink empty bottles to be filled up throughout the park.
4. Q) can they bring food on the bus? A) Yes. but it must be unopened. even if it is opened 2 minutes before getting on the bus. Drink fast.
5. Q) can they use the bathrooms on the bus? A) No not even the chaperones. We will make stops if need. I strongly suggest they sleep on the bus on the way down it will be a long night.
6. Q) can they bring backpacks? A) yes i would suggest a regular backpack, not something expensive or a cinch string bags.
Here are some extra information:
1. Students must wear their senior shirt to Disneyland. It makes it easier for us to find them in the park and post pictures for the parents.
2. If they do something at Disney which breaks the rules and go to Disney Jail (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc..) Parents will have to come get the students. If the offense is extreme the Anaheim PD will be nice enough to hold onto your student until your arrival.
3. I have a 1-20 Chaperone to student ratio. If you would like to be a chaperone email me. My info is listed on the payment and timeline paper.
4. The kids are there for a really long time. Once they get home don’t expect to see them the next day.
5. Please oh PLEASE leave the car keys at home. or on the bus. Do not bring them in the park. If you can drop them off and pick them up. for the past 2 years we have had student loose their keys on rides.
6. they can bring pillows and blankets on the bus. I wouldn’t bring your favorite.
7. they can leave items on the bus, but please keep in mind the bus is left unattended and locked. If it gets broken into APB, nor the bus company is responsible. So i wouldn’t have anything valuable.
Finally we have reserved 3 buses (All-West) which means we are taking 150 students. So get your spot before we sell out! Your deposit holds your spot.

2020 Parent Fun Night

Save the date!!!!

Parent Fun Night Information Is here!! 

March 7th,2020

Tickets are on sale now.

$50.00 per person. Buy a reserve table of 8 and save! 8 or more tickets $45 Per ticket with one FREE drink ticket per person.

 Location: Blue Goose 3550 Taylor Rd, Loomis, CA 95650

We are looking for Parent Volunteers.. If your interested Please email us at antelopeboosterpresident@gmail.com

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